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Resources and Capabilities

We offer extensive resources to meet our customers' most stringent "build to print" requirements.

Operating 36 CNC Mills and Lathes

CNC Milling
Horizontal and vertical milling
3 and 4 axis machining up to 43”
5 axis machining up to D33” x H20”

CNC Turning
Diameter range up to 24”
Maximum turning length up to 120”
Machines equipped with live tooling

Assembly and Kitting
Assemblies and kitting are an important component of CFN's growth plan.
Providing this service allows our customers to bring purchased products faster to their assembly line, reduce cost and lead time.
Hardware installation
Integrated assemblies of multi-machine parts
ATP tests on landing gear sub-assemblies
Shipping kitted products


Materials we work with include

Stainless Steels, Ultra-High Strength Steels, Aeromet 100, Titanium, Super Alloys, Aluminum, Nickel Bronze,  Delrin, Plastic, Castings and Forgings


Manufacturing Engineering
CNC Programming
Rapid prototyping
Fixture and Tooling design
Concurrent Engineering with our Customer
On-going process improvement activities 

Our manufacturing engineers and programmers utilize the most advanced and latest versions manufacturing software. 

CATIA                             -  Read and Interpret CATIA files
Enovia DMU Navigator   -  Read and Interpret CATIA files
MBD Accelerator            -  Automation in handling CATIA files              
CompareVidia                -  Verification of translated models
Mastercam                     -  CNC Programming: 2-1/2 thru 5 axis CAM
Vericut                            -  Simulation and optimization NC tool paths
SolidEdge                      -  3D Modeling, Drafting, Work Instructions

Gear Production Suite   -  Dontyne Software for Spline Design

Supply Chain Management
CFN Precision and its affiliated company, Tecnickrome Aeronautique in Montreal have extension knowledge and experience managing its supply chain for the following processes: Heat Treat, NDT, HVOF, Chrome Plating, Shot Peen, Prime and Top coat, Grinding

Program Management
CFN understands that Program Management is critically important to our customers and our Program Management includes Integrated Master Scheduling  Production Scheduling, Capacity Planning, Quality Management (AS9100D), Equipment, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management,  Materials, Special Processes, and Customer Communication. 


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